About Finance

What is Finance?

Welcome to the homepage of the ASSP Finance department, the monetary branch of ASSP. Here you will find helpful resources to draft proposals, manage budgets, and fill out finance forms to receive funding for your ASSP organization. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The ASSP Finance Board is established by the ASSP Constitution:
  • It meets regularly and votes on pertinent financial matters
  • It is chaired by the ASSP Treasurer
  • It issues a “Do Pass” or a “Do Not Pass” on all financial proposals
  • It has the right to alter proposals
  • Any proposal at or below $750 Finance Board may approve without a Senate vote

Purpose of Finance Board

To serve as the financial advisory board of Senate, monitoring all finances and physical assets of the ASSP and reviewing and making recommendations on all ASSP budgets and on all proposals which affect the disposition of the ASSP operating budget.

If you have any more advanced questions regarding finance within ASSP, please contact one of the individuals listed below!

Carrie Cox

ASSP Treasurer | coxc7@spu.edu

OSIL Graduate Intern

Christie Pak | pakc@spu.edu

Finance Resources

Navigating finance can oftentimes be difficult, so ASSP has gathered a portion of their resources into this page so as to ensure you have the information you need. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the finance board!

Commonly Used Finance Forms – This link includes commonly used forms and instructions for reimbursement, request for payment, and transmittal of funds.

ASSP Account Codes – Think link displays the 5 digit account codes that correspond to the types of services rendered or items purchased.

ASSP Event Funding Request – This link will only work for student leaders in a formal SPU Leadership position and ASSP Club presidents and treasurers. This link provides guidelines for funding requests, and step by step process to request funding on Engage.