About ORP

What is ORP?

At the core, ORP exists to remove barriers for students to enjoy the outdoors. We do this by providing affordable gear rentals, discount tickets, recreation passes, and education. We also offer various outdoor excursions for a hassle-free (ish) experience for you. ORP consists of two Assistants and one Coordinator. ORP also has 5-6 additional trip leaders, who are passionate about providing outdoor experience to the students.

ORP Resources

We have many excursion opportunities including hiking, camping, backpacking, whitewater rafting, climbing, and more! If you want to be informed of all the upcoming events to ensure you get the opportunity to join us on a trip, feel free to find us on Engage and Instagram!

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Savannah Mather

ORP Coordinator | SSP-ORC@spu.edu

Sydney Caldeira

ORP Assistant

Abby Dean

ORP Assistant


Trip Leaders

About SLDC

What is SLDC?

The Student Leadership Development Committee (SLDC) facilitates the development of individual ASSP student leaders and leadership teams.

SLDC envisions a community of leaders invested in empowering others; where, as a student leadership body, we leave the community of Seattle Pacific University better than we found it. SLDC is responsible for programming the In-Service Events for SPU Student Leaders, and Leadership Conference at the beginning of the year. SLDC serves to support the student leadership body by:

  • Building positive relationships and maintaining clear communication with student leaders, advisors, and coordinators.
  • Creating safe spaces to facilitate personal and community development.
SLDC Resources

SLDC is here to serve all current student leaders that are serving in a formal leadership position, and/or those who are interested in serving at SPU. Please contact us if you have any questions at asspsldc@spu.edu.

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Bella Camarillo

SLDC Programmer

Makaiya Russell

SLDC Programmer

Whitney Broetje

Director of OSIL | etw@spu.edu

About STUB

What is STUB?

Student Union Board (STUB) plans and implements a broad range of campus programs and activities, including First Fridays, Tradition, Study Bark, and Shapadooah. STUB does this in order to foster social, cultural, and intellectual growth amongst the SPU community.

How can I connect/work with STUB?

Become a Street Team member and work alongside STUB members on event days. It is the help we get from the Street Team that ensures an event runs smoothly!

To be on Street Team, contact OSIL at osil@spu.edu or the STUB Coordinator ASSP-STUBCoordinator@spu.edu, and we will get back to you!

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Devonte Hudson

STUB Programmer

Shelby Gladwell

STUB Programmer

Hailey Wong

STUB Programmer

Caramia Fo

STUB Programmer

Sarah Thompson

STUB Publicist

Faith Boulom

STUB Programmer

Anneli Johnson

STUB Programmer

Audrey Marble

STUB Coordinator | ASSP-STUBCoordinator@spu.edu

About Street Team

What is Street Team?

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership puts on many large events throughout the year with STUB (Student Union Board). Street Team plays a critical part in these events as they act as the hype crew before the event, and often help to run the events. (But we build in specific times for Street Team members to enjoy the events. While your help is vital, we also want you to experience the events with your community).

The original intent for Street Team was to create volunteer/leadership opportunities for first-year students at SPU. But so many of our Street Team members loved their experience so much that they ask to come back. Now we welcome anyone who is interested in a meaningful leadership position that requires a minimal time commitment!

How can I get involved with Street Team?

Apply Here!!!

You will see some of the details on what would be expected of you, and you will see that we honor your preference for how you would like to be involved. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to osil@spu.edu or Christie Pak at pakc@spu.edu.