About Lingua

What is Lingua?

Lingua is SPU’s arts and literary journal that highlights community members’ prose, poetry, and artistic explorations. We work to curate and create a platform for content that can be considered unconventional, is non-Western centered, and amplifies artistic voices that are too often silenced. Lingua is a people-driven zine that centers around the collective practice of education, admiration, and exhibition of the student-body’s experience.

How can I connect with Lingua

Send us your art at thelinguajournal@gmail.com to get published in the next Lingua release, or follow us on Instagram or engage for future updates!

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Claire Conway

Editor-in-Chief | conwayc@spu.edu

Serena Schirm

Design Lead

Meg Rouse


Pierce Papke

Business Manager

Chloe “Macs” Herdrich

Event Coordinator

Mischa Willet

Advisor | mwillet@spu.edu

About KSPU

What is KSPU?

Reincarnated as an online radio station in 2002, KSPU is a community where students can collaborate, explore, and share their passion for music. Our site features hour-long radio shows hosted by students in the KSPU station in Weter Hall as well as a student-run music blog (The Panda Munch). We also host a multitude of on and off campus events featuring both SPU and local musicians, including the annual KSPU Launch Party, Covers Concert, and Spring Concert in fall, winter, and spring quarter, respectively.

KSPU Resources

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KSPU Radio Station

This is the link for all your favorite KSPU DJ shows, blog posts, and staff playlist. When there are no shows on air, we stream music 24/7. 

Kate Erickson

Station Manager | ericksonk6@spu.edu

Sage Driscoll

Events Manager

Leah Capindo

Media Manager

Alaysja Clark

Publicity Manager

Alex Okabayashi

Broadcast Manager

Keaton Strawn

Manager for Web Development

Liz Gruchala-Gilbert

Advisor | lgg@spu.edu

About The Falcon

What is The Falcon?

The Falcon is an independent student newspaper dedicated to presenting unbiased and accurate information to the community of Seattle Pacific University. We are committed to transparent and comprehensive reporting on the community and all the diverse narratives it holds.

Falcon Resources

Read the Falcon Online Newspaper

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Hailey Echan

Editor-in-Chief | editor@thefalcon.online

Caitlyn Schnider

Photo Editor | photo@thefalcon.online

Aubrey Rhoadarmer

Falcon Navigator | oped@thefalcon.online

Daniel Newman

Copy Editor | copyed@thefalcon.online

Isabella Tranello

Sports Editor | sports@thefalcon.online

Emma Brown

Media Producer | mm@thefalcon.online

Ken Kok

Design Director | design@thefalcon.online

Steven Kotansky

Business Manager | ads@thefalcon.online

Brittany Baker

News Editor | news@thefalcon.online

Anne Symons

Features Editor | features@thefalcon.online

Sydney Lorton

Audience Engagement | social@thefalcon.online

Peg Achterman

Advisor | advisor@thefalcon.online

Sara Shaban

Advisor | advisor@thefalcon.online

About Cascade

What is Cascade?

Cascade is dedicated to encapsulating the moments precious to life at Seattle Pacific University. We are a team of designers, photographers, writers, and leaders, who have devoted their time to creating a yearbook, a collection of memories, for the student body.

Cascade Resources

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Sophia Harris

Business Manager

Jenna Rasmussen

Copy Editor

Katelynn Chau


Michael Lewis


Riley Kelley

Marketing Manager

Sana Hakim

Lead Designer

Ziwei Liu


Lily Morgan

Editor-in-Chief | morganl2@spu.edu

Rachel Sumpter

Advisor | sumpterr@spu.edu